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Founded by former Visual Communications “VC” graduates VC+ is a collective of creative professionals from photography, film, advertising, design and entertainment industries who come together and use our creativity to fund, fuel and raise awareness for existing charities.... [+]

We recognize that many charities are out there doing good already. We don’t want to divert resources away from any of them. Directed by our Gospel of Good Intent we developed a strategy that would enable us to support them all. Using our honed creative skills and wide network of professionals we conceive, brief, and fund fully staffed creative initiatives that help existing charities push forward, get stronger and do more. Inspiring collaboration between good hearts and good ideas for a common cause.

To date we have partnered with to create a soccer program for 13 schools in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa. Providing custom soccer uniforms, soccer kits and starting a soccer league so that school can play each other.

To do this we worked with designers, educators and influencers both in Africa and here in NYC. By creating a curriculum for the students to learn about design and the power design has to communicate, we empowered them use their own creative imaginations and talent to concept & design a team uniform that represented themselves & their school.

In 2017, we will be going back to start the programs again with 13 additional schools and we will be launching a Girls netball league.




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