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To announce the Limited Edition Newborn Paddington Bear Collection, we developed a globally integrated campaign that captured the classic, lovable, curious charm behind all “new arrivals.” The ADVENTURE AWAITS campaign celebrated wide-eyed, optimism that is synonymous with both Paddington & children ages 0-24 months, and included film, print, outdoor, online, e-commerce, windows, in-store engagements and an experiential in-store experience. ... [+]


We launched the campaign with an anthem video. Crafted to bring a modern, elevated twist to a classic children's story book, the film captured the ADVENTURE AWAITS spirit behind Paddington. Starting on the docks of Peru, then London, then New York, the video takes on a fun, global narrative that highlights the history of Paddington himself. The classic illustrative animation allowed us to maintain the charming, natural behavior of little ones and tap into the storybook nature of Paddington while the simple, visual only storytelling enabled us to speak to a global audience and relate to parents & children all over the world.


Portrait photography captured the lovable, wide-eyed, curious, accident prone, adventurous innocence that is synonymous with both Paddington Bear and all little children ages 0-24. The photography was used globally across print and outdoor – and of course rightfully took over Paddington Station for a station-domination in London, UK.


“Packing” still-life photography was used primarily online to showcase an even wider range of the Collection. And an e-commerce “packing” widget was proposed for to encourage gift-giving at time of purchase to allow friends & family to “pack a suitcase” and ship their gifts in a clever, cost-efficient silk-screened suitcase gift box.


Imaginative, oversized coloring book walls transformed GAP White Space concept shops in both New York & Tokyo. As a fun, educational, interactive storybook, the walls took children on a global adventure that celebrated the real history of Paddington Bear whom traveled from Peru to London – and then extended his adventures to the GAP locations in NYC & Tokyo.


Clever, cost-efficient silk-screened suitcase gift boxes were concerted and designed to encourage gift-giving while adding value to customers’ both online & during in-store purchases. Additionally, curated gift tags or blank DIY customizable tags also made gift-gifting more personal & fun. “Start Packing” Promotional Days were also concepted to create in-store promotional discount rewards at time of purchase.


The ADVENTURE AWAITS theme extended beyond print into the physical leveraging stacked suitcases, hangtags as well as iconic wooden sign posts.


#adventureawaits was concepted to become an innovative way to add local promotions & encourage online social sharing.


To encourage real life adventures, an in-store Photo Booth for infants was concerted that would allow parents to get legal-size passport headshots of their little ones little one’s along with adorable branded passport books & luggage tags all while shopping. The Passport Pop-Up Photobooth was concepted to provide a fun (and useful) in-store experience while the simplicity of the booth was designed to adapt across all store locations globally. And, of course, social sharing would allow proud parents to brag about their little one’s up-coming adventures.



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